Part A: Bridge DefenseEdit

At the start of the level just speed up & go forward without turning & wait for the group of orange targets to appear. You can shoot one or two down if you're quick enough but I only suggest shooting one down & then focusing on the red "objective" enemies. There will be 3 bombers trying to take out the bridge that the British are crossing, mow them down & wait for the next group consisting of 5 bombers.

Part B: German Columns/Bridge DestructionEdit

When the bombers are done for, turn your attention to the German armored columns. The first will be coming from the right of the bridge(if you're facing the same direction as the main British force). There will be 5 groups, 2 start where the 1st group appears at, 2 across the field on the left of the bridge(each spawning across from the previous), & the last group will appear behind the British troops on the same road they used to cross the bridge. After that, you're going to have to bomb the bridge that the British troops crossed to prevent German Infantry from following, 4 bombs should suffice. If not, just keep pounding the bridge with your bombs.

Part C: German AcesEdit

Two German Aces should be targeting you after you destroy the bridge so deal with them ASAP. They're not hard to shoot down & if you have trouble Tom will eventually taunt them into attacking him, giving you a clear shot at them. MISSION COMPLETE![1]