List of the missions in Blazing Angels 1 (Squadrons of World War 2)

  1. Training Day
    Simple mission, where you learn how to fly the Gladiator and shoot/bomb things.
  2. Skies of Dunkirk
    Slightly harder then Training Day, Skies of Dunkirk has you fly with Tom and try to bomb a bridge and Nazis.
  3. Dunkirk Evacuation
  4. London, 1940
  5. Desert Reconnaissance
  6. Desert Rats Attack
  7. Day of Infamy
  8. Surprise Attack
  9. Midway: Opening Moves
  10. Midway: Turning Point
  11. Holding Guadalcanal
  12. The Battle Of New Georgia
  13. Rabaul Raid
  14. Preemptive Strike
  15. Top Secret
  16. D-Day Normandy
  17. Paris: La Liberation
  18. Counter Attack
  19. Flying Fortress
  20. Berlin, 1945

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