First Mission

You first meet Joe at Kinloss O.T.U as part of the 71st Eagle squadron. He instructs you on how to use the controls. He then has you do a run on the town church with leaflets to practice bombing and shooting down old barrage balloons. Out of nowhere a German recon plane is spotted and he directs you to take it out. After that is done another flight of three planes are harassing an allied plane flown by Joe's brother in law Tom, he also directs you to help him.


After the skirmish in Scotland the squadron is sent to aid in the evacuation of Dunkirk, Joe is nervous since he has no experience in combat. Once the battle is over he proves that he can fight. The next day Joe is being harassed by German fighters and is in need of rescue. After that he provides support to the squad leader.

Battle of Britain

Joe assists in the effort to prevent the destruction of Parliament and the Tower of London.

North Africa

During the war in North Africa, Joe provides his mechanical know how to assist the squad leader.

War in the Pacific

In the Pacific Theater Joe participates in the Raid on Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Midway, the Invasion of Guadalcanal, the Battle of New Georgia, and the Raid on Rabaul.

Return to Europe

After the events in the Pacific the squadron is sent back to Europe to help prepare for the Invasion of Europe. They are sent to aid a British naval unit assaulting a fjord full of German warships, during the battle Joe notices that some units are fleeing the battle. After the battle is won it is discovered that the German fleet was guarding a heavy water plant used in the creation of an atomic bomb, Joe leads the attack on the Norsk Hydro plant to halt production.


The long awaited invasion of France has come, and Joe and the squadron go to assist the landings. Almost immediately Joe starts experiencing mechanical trouble and is set upon by a German fighter and is hit, ignoring the order to return to base he continues aiding the landing forces. The squad is soon faced with a wave of fighters and bombers, one of the fighters targets Joe and shoots him down killing him.


After his death the squadron becomes tigherr and vows not to lose anyone else and to make sure they all come home.