Part A: Take Off/Defend JoeEdit

Soon after you take off & fly towards the harbor Tom will tell you that Joe left an hour earlier & he'll soon appear while being chased by some Germans. Help Joe out & be mindful of his health gauge.

Part B: BEF EvacuationEdit

The 1st wave of bombers will appear near the field close to the city. There will be 5 of them in a loose formation, get behind them & wreck havoc upon them. You could also send out your squadron to attack by holding 'B' & pressing Up on the D-Pad. The 2nd wave of bombers will appear to the 1st wave's right(when you are behind the 1st wave). This wave consists of an un-organized formation of 7 bombers. Get behind them as well & they're as good as dead. The 3rd wave will appear in the same place as the 2nd wave. This wave has 9 wings in it & they'll be in three rows of 3. Repeat the take down process. After the 3rd wave is eliminated you can nab yourself a few extra kills from the generic enemies before the warships show up.

Part C: Warship Destruction/Frank's IntroEdit

When the warships appear ignore every other enemy & go after the two smaller destroyers. They may take a few bombs to finally sink them but if you get two direct hits they should go down. When you take both of them down your 3rd squadmate, Frank, will join in on the action & torpedo the bigger ship. However, his torpedo only weakens it & it's up to you to deliver the final blow with your bomb payload. Once it finally begins sinking the mission will be complete. MISSION COMPLETE!